Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Hannah's comforter quilt

I always get incredibly nervous when another handmaiden asks me to create a bedding set for their daughter, especially when I know they themselves are a talented maker. I have to admit though it is always a thrill to be chosen. The lovely Laurie of Hannah's Daisy contacted me earlier in the year to ask if I would make her sweetie Hannah a custom quilt and we had so much fun. Working with someone who knows fabric is always different, it speeds the process up considerably and the fabrics for Hannah's quilt were chosen in a matter of hours. Well at least I thought we had. As I am prone to do, some last minute changes happened once I had started cutting and I am so glad we did because it was definitely the right choice.

How different does it look taking out the pink and adding in more white! Definitely the best decision.

For Hannah we chose pink, gold and white as the main tones however there is a fair bit of colour overall, which I love. It also means you can get creative with the rest of the colour in the room and know the quilt will still look great. Laurie chose a comforter style which, while not ever technically perfect, is a squishy ball of love. I love the idea of Hannah sinking down under this with her favourite teddy and book. To coordinate with the quilt we added in a matching pillowcase and my ever popular apple pie cushion.

And the results - voila!

Penny the Supermodel looks quite at home on there too! She is one of my favourite handmade purchases this year. You all need to get to Blooms & Butterflies Doll Studio and give the gorgeous Kira some love!

I love how this quilt looks in my Hannah's room - it was a bit hard for me to take it off her bed once the photos were taken. She keeps asking when I will make a quilt which is actually hers and the mummy guilt is real. This year my 3 all need their own bit of piccolo studio to cuddle.

This time she was all about helping me style too - note the shopkins on the bedside table? No way was I getting away with removing those or her gymnastics trophy. She is very good at reminding me that children's spaces are representative of them always. We can add some flair but intrinsically they need to put their own stamp on it.

As it was a Christmas present I wrapped it and had it all ready to pop under the tree on Christmas morning - that way it was a surprise for Laurie too. I cut it close getting it there on time but am happy to report it arrived safely and made its way onto Hannah's bed immediately, hopefully with lots of squeals and cuddles along the way.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and I am spending it planning my year ahead. I am still working on that elusive work life balance and want to make sure I am growing in a way that works for me. I am loving the blogging side and cant wait to focus on that more. For right now it is back to some quality cuddles with my precious babes after a very busy lead up to Christmas.

Talk soon

xxx Sarah

Friday, 11 December 2015

Robin's mama throw - Skopelos

I am always most grateful when I work with mamas who know what they want but still trust me to do my thing. Being able to get creative with a custom order can sometimes be a rare thing but it is oh so much fun when you get the chance.

Robin ordered a mama throw and 3 rectangular cushions in the stunning range Skopelos, created by Katarina Roccella. It is such a striking range with beautifully strong colours. We decided on a patchwork throw and I used the divine striped print on the back - an absolute favourite of mine!

Robin was lovely and let me play a bit with the design of the quilt. I am trying to work out what is my own unique style so I am so grateful for the chance to really sit and play with fabric. As a result I ended up creating a diamond inset pattern through the bottom of the quilt - simple yet striking and I think it was a great feature detail without being too fussy!

With summer weather here I only have a really limited time each day before I cant take photos in my fave spot due to lighting problems, as you can see the sun was creeping up on the chair as I was snapping away so I had no choice but to call it a day. Luckily this quilt cant take a bad photo as you can see!

Like I said I backed the quilt in the divine stripe print from the range - certainly my most favourite of all prints!

Now for the cushions - I contacted Robin a few times about these and she was so lovely and patient. In the end we decided to lose one of the rectangles in favour of an apple pie and I am so glad we did!! I didnt get a chance to photograph one of the cushions which was once again in that striking stripe print and I quilted it on the diagonal to make it different from the navy floral - they will look so great grouped together in their new home!

Robin's quilt was posted yesterday and I cant wait to hear from her - this is always my most nerve wracking part waiting to see if I have met expectations or not! I really really put a lot of time and effort into each custom and am pretty sure I drive my customers crazy along the way, hopefully it is always worth it for them in the end though :-)

Till next time
xxx Sarah

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Sarah's mama throw

Earlier this year one of my lovely friends, Sarah {of Leilani & T fame} contacted me and asked if I could fit her in for a custom mama throw. She showed me a photo of the fabrics she had in mind and I knew at once I couldnt say no! Working with the classic Loopy and Elizabeth Rose from Jennifer Paganelli's Flower Power range is always such a pleasure, perfect colours to work with and it is so easy to make it shine. Plus the fact it is highly coveted is always a bonus. Sarah had been collecting her favourites over a few years and I was so grateful when she chose me as the girl to work with them.

Sarah had decided she wanted a ragged throw and I loved the idea straight away. In my opinion rag quilts are the most overlooked of all in the quilting world, maybe the simplicity puts people off? But if you want something that makes fabric pop, is crazy easy to look after (think wash and tumble dry style) and gets softer more delectable with age then the rag quilt is always your girl. It suited these fabrics down to a tee too and was the perfect choice.

And the end result? Pure perfection.

But the pretty didnt end there! Sarah also sent me some stunning fabric to create an apple pie cushion for a chair in her room - this mix of loopy, Elizabeth Rose and Pom Pom de Paris has to be one of the prettiest combinations I have ever worked with. The butterflies on the fabric have special meaning for Sarah and her husband and I really hope I put a smile on her face every time she glances at it now.

Both of these pretties are heading under Sarah's Christmas tree - I cant wait to hear her reaction when she opens them.

I have so many more completed orders to show you yet, has been a month of sewing as much as I could when I could. Now I am starting to breathe out a little and can show you what has been taking my attention.

Till next time
xx Sarah
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