Friday, 29 July 2016

Collaborate for a Cause - the Sommer book nook

Well hi again!

 I know I know two posts in one day is a tad extreme especially when I have been known to go weeks without a sound. But when exciting things happen they must be talked about and Collaborate for a Cause is one exciting thing!

Earlier I showed you all my Cotton Candy collaboration created in conjunction with My Little I Designs, Avierley Boutique, Squirrel and Fink, Wife-Made, Two Little Loves, Muddy Ruffles with gorgeous model Harlow and her clever photography mum Sarah, you can read all about it and see the stunning pics here.

My second Collaboration is this amazing Book Nook, curated by the lovely Fiona who runs the successful Instagram account fee_loves. When it comes to style Fee is all over it and has an amazing eye for putting magic together. This is the second year I have worked with her and as always she didnt fail to disappoint.

See I told you - beautiful!!

A lot of time and effort went into this set, but boy did the planning pay off, I couldnt imagine any little girl not wanting this in the corner of their room.

Time to introduce the fabulous girls I worked with:

First up lets talk about that beautiful big floor pillow! Michelle from the Toffee Tree did an amazing job, the set would be lost without it. And resting on it that divine doll face cushion from Kira at Blooms and Butterflies Doll Studio. Imagine the secrets she could be told on a quiet afternoon!

The bunting was made by the talented Sedef of Down Grapevine Lane. She has been busy creating her first fabric line for Riley Blake called Sweet Orchard and writing a book as well! So awesome that she took time out of her crazy life to make the bunting and it, as expected, turned out beautifully.

 The wall art was donated by Tanealle of Silent Little Whispers, a fabulous Dr Seuss quote. Simple and perfect amongst all that amazing colour.

And what book nook would be complete without a book cradle. Lisa Marie from Bear and Sparrow was the best choice as you can all see with that divine poodle, I wont lie I want her beside my armchair to hold my magazines.

Of course if you are book nooking you should always do it in fabulous style which is where this stunning dress made by Tash from Ellie's Handmade comes in handy. Laying around with a good book has never looked better!

And a hair bow! If you are laying around reading books in your prettiest dress then how important your hair is immaculately styled and looking fabulous (unless you are my feral children of course!) This pretty is from Belynda of Creative Butterfly Designs fits the bill perfectly.

And last but not least, my contribution. A hexagon themed quilt, cushion and apple pie cushion. Backed in snuggly flannel and ready for some serious book time.

The fabric we used is the amazing Sommer collection by Sarah Jane Studios which was kindly donated by the fabulous Deanne from Fabric Pixie, another great Australian fabric store. Proceeds from this one are going to Rett Syndrome Australia. The photos you see were taken by Fiona herself under her new business Little M.E Images, she is going to do great things in the world of product photography I can tell!

Collaborate for a Cause starts tonight here and you can find our collab here, it has been so exciting reading all the feedback and comments about this so we hope the bidding goes all kinds of cray cray.

And that is enough words for me in one day, I am off to soothe sick kids and have a last cup of tea. I will be watching the auction unfold and you may even see me bid on a few amazing collabs myself.

Collaborate for a Cause - Cotton Candy Collection

Hi there!

What a wet and wild winter it has been here, I didn't even realise Adelaide was capable of this much rain and cold, we even had snow in some parts! And the storms! I am a lover of winter, unless I am out and about it in it. The Gods took pity though and even though we play a lot of sport year round we managed for the most part to stay dry.

One morning I woke and staggered into the kitchen to make my morning coffee. I glanced out into our sodden backyard and it took me a while to realise something was missing. It didnt always look that .... bare. Then the moment of panic when I realised our 16ft trampoline was missing! I think Peter and I both ran out there at exactly the same time. A  quick glance around revealed the grim truth -  doors down our trampoline was upside down and moving fast! Nothing like a bit of drama before the caffeine has even hit. We have a new one in the shed ready to go, kids need a trampoline, but we are dragging our heels a bit and watching the weather forecast like crazy things.

Anyhoo I got completely distracted from the purpose of my post today which was to tell you all about the amazingness that is Collaborate for a Cause! This is one of the highlights of the Australian handmade calendar and I have been proud to be involved since its very inception in 2011. Over the years I have worked with some of the best in the business and raised thousands for charities around Australia. It is a super cool feeling to not only make new friends, create amazing pretties and raise money at the same time.
The first collab I was asked to be part of was collated by the gorgeous Bel of My Little I Designs who makes the most divine girls clothing. You can shop here for her pretties. She is a lovely friend I have had the privilege to get to know this past year and she pulled together some incredible talent. Like seriously amazing. I was blown away as I watched it all come together.

Introducing our Candy Candy Collaboration for #c4ac2016 - let me introduce you to the amazing girls behind it and their pieces:

First up those crowns! Ofa from Avierley Boutique is a genius. I dont think I have ever seen anything so pretty and considering I live in the handmade world that is a big call!

Next up is that divine dress by Bel of My Little I designs - it is so sweet and lets not forget the fact it has pockets people - pockets!

How divine are the butterfly wings from the amazingly clever Xanthe of Wife-Made. Such a clever idea and so so loved.

See those sweet little dollies - they are made by one of my handmade faves Nat from Squirrel and Fink. I am yet to own one of her divine wee diamonds but they are next on my must have list that is for sure. I covet thee!

And tucked away in the corner is the sweetest wee peg dollies by Jacinta of Two Little Loves. The perfect size for wee hands and guaranteed to give hours of creative play. My kids loved tucking wee things into pockets and going on adventures. And when not in use how sweet on a shelf while they wait for their next outing.

And of course the quilt made by yours truly. I wanted something simple but striking and as I am in love with triangles at the moment it is probably no surprise I headed that way. I added some solids too to make it less busy and am really happy with how it turned out. I can see many many stories told on this little lady.

Now a quick word about our amazing model Harlow and her mum Sarah who took these photos. What a darling little lady she is and so photogenic. I never ever could have got my girls to be that still and that well behaved for so long. She can find Harlow on instagram at harlow_ever_after and if you are on the Gold Coast and need amazing photos then her mum Sarah is your go to girl. You can also find her on Instagram at my.heart.project

Last but absolutely not least is the fabric. This range is is Cotton Candy by Dashwood Studio and it was the perfect choice! We were so lucky to have it donated to us by Cristy at Muddy Ruffles who has an incredible fabric shop, one I frequent and attempt to empty regularly. I love the fact that we can purchase more and more amazing fabrics here in Australia, it has only been the case in the last few years.

For our charity this year we chose Autism Queensland who are thoroughly deserving of all monies raised. Autism is a huge part of my life with two of my gorgeous kids on the spectrum so it is great to support an organisation that is doing an amazing job for lots and lots of families out there like mine.

Right now for the details! Collaborate for a Cause kicks off tonight over on Facebook. You can find our submission right here if you would like to place a bid. Make sure you look at the rest of the album too because it is phenomenal. The world is a better place with Handmade being a part of it.

One more collaboration to share tonight with you all, equally beautiful and equally amazing. Have I said before just how much I love my job and being part of Handmade?

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Apple pie cushions

 The apple pie cushion is a piccolo favourite and I love how well they can showcase fabric yet remain simple and oh so pretty. Plus who doesnt love pom poms, I know I can never get enough.

Introducing just a few of the apple pies I have posted to new homes this year, each as pretty and unique as the other....

I never have been able to choose my favourite. I know I love making them and I am so grateful you love ordering them. 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Susie's Throw - Michael Miller

Why hello there!

It seems like every time I blink another month has flown past, we are halfway to Christmas and I'm still finding tinsel and baubles in the garden from last year - guess now I can say I am just super organised and already starting to prepare lol. 

The past couple of months has been crazy with Miss Hannah and life has been filled with hospital stays, numerous doctor visits, blood tests and more syringes of medication than I count. She sure is a curve ball kid and keeping those doctors on her toes. Add in Cooper turning 10 and Abby turning 15, multiple sport and life here has been all kinds of cray cray. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a scream at the full moon way. Life with kids is certainly never ever dull.

Hospitals, Birthdays, netball, football and gratuitous puppy photo ;-)
 So sitting to sew has not always been easy, in fact days would pass without me being able to even turn my machine on. I won't lie, my mental health takes a dive when I don't get to play with fabric, I love my job and am passionate about fabric. I'm so glad for every minute I have had to work on orders and so many pretties have left the building in the past couple of weeks. I'm excited to share it all with you.

When your sewing room is this pretty it is not surprising it is hard to be away from it! I adore my handmade collection which grows little by little all the time.
Susie's quilt set is one such pretty. Featuring a double size quilt in a range of Michael Miller fabrics, I love the combination of mint, charcoal and pink with touches of gold. Modern yet classic at the same time. We opted for a tumbler shape which added interest and accessorised with an apple pie and personalised pillow. I think this one could look amazing anywhere in the house and I can't wait to hear Susie's reaction to it arriving in person. Because it will be used as a throw we decided to back in a beautiful mint spot flannel, got to love extra snuggle factor. This is the third quilt set I have made for Susie and her family, it is always an amazing feeling to know that people love my work enough to come back for more. 

So here she is photographed in Hannah's room, we are planning a room reshuffle soon as Hannah has reminded me that she is 8 now and apparently bunnies are so last year. Not sure what she has in mind but I am sure that, like always it will be uniquely her.

Note offending bunnies on wall - personally I think they are all kinds of cute but Miss 8 will, as always, have the final say

I love the charcoal personalised pillow, adds a really elegant feel to the set. Expect to see more in future!
This gorgeous set is not the only order I have worked on and I am waiting excitedly for photos so I can show you the rest of my pretties. You have to agree though this was not a bad way to return from a blogging hiatus.

Until next time

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